Class Action and Zantac Lawsuit Lawsuits

24 Jan

A Zantac Lawsuit is a valid legal claim for monetary compensation by many plaintiffs who were later found to have cancer from the heartburn drug they took. Zantac (as well as the generic form ranitidine) was found to contain the suspected carcinogen in question. To date, no conclusive evidence has been produced linking the drug to such a link. However, studies by government researchers at the FDA and other academic institutions have conclusively concluded that there is sufficient evidence to show that Zantac contributed to the growth of cancerous cells within the body of one of the patients who began taking the drug while undergoing clinical trials. The evidence does indicate that the drug was, indeed, a contributing factor in the development of the cancer.

Zantac Lawsuit plaintiffs have alleged that the drug manufacturer knew as much as they knew leading up to the approval of Zantac as an anti-heartburn medication, yet continued to sell the drug despite knowing that it caused incurable, life-threatening cancers. The manufacturers of Zantac failed to take any responsibility or accountability for these individuals suffering from cancer caused by taking Zantac. This is not a small matter. The plaintiffs in Zantac Lawsuit cases are seeking monetary compensation for their pain and suffering as a result of being diagnosed with both esophageal and gastric cancers as a direct result of taking Zantac.

The manufacturers of Zantac Lawsuit, AstraZeneca, and Cepacol, have taken responsibility for their actions. They have also been ordered to warn the public about the potential risks associated with the drug's use. However, none of the drug manufacturers were properly warn the public about the potential side effects. As a result of this failure to warn, the people who believed that they were getting relief from heartburn after taking Zantac Lawsuit, AstraZeneca, Cepacol, and Valisure are now suffering from long term and serious complications with their health. It is amazing that drug manufacturers are not held responsible for their actions and negligence in selling medications with ingredients that can cause cancer twenty years after the drugs were created. For this reason, to get the best lawyer, here is more info

Not only was there a direct danger of causing death, but there was also a risk of damaging future medical treatments. Class action lawyers have been filing individual lawsuits on behalf of these individuals, as well as their families, who believe that the drug manufacturers knowingly pushed a product that could have caused them great pain and suffering, as well as damaging their futures. There are many class action lawsuits currently pending in federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. There are also class-action lawsuits in state courts in the State of Delaware, Florida, and California. If you belong to a class action or individual lawsuit, you may want to contact a qualified lawyer who specializes in these lawsuits, in order to obtain the best possible legal representation. To add on to this, to engage the most recommended lawyer, read more here

The plaintiffs in this Zantac Lawsuit filed suit because they claimed that Zantac failed to warn them about the high levels of benzoyl peroxide that could cause serious side effects, such as severe headaches, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and stomach problems. The Zantac manufacturer maintained that they did not warn of the high levels of the chemical, because it was a low percentage and did not foresee any of the potential dangers of the drug. In addition, they maintained that there was never a requirement in the preservative requirements of Perricone that a concentration of at least 2 percent be present in the product. However, plaintiffs' attorneys pointed out that even if there was a prescribed dosage of Perricone, it would still be lower than the concentrations typically found in cosmetics and skin care products. They further claimed that the amount of Perricone in Zantac was unreasonable to expect to have any positive effect on the health of the person taking it.

This Zantac Lawsuit is just one of many that are currently pending in the state of California, regarding similar products and chemical preservatives. Like Class Action, if more individual lawsuits are successful, then it will be possible for larger numbers of individuals to receive compensations and settlements. However, if the defense can successfully argue that because there are fewer cases, there is less chance of victory for the plaintiffs, the court will likely rule in their favor. If you or someone you know has been affected by Zantac and would like to pursue a case, then contact an attorney immediately. There may be no other easier way to get the justice you deserve.  Knowledge is power and so you would like to top up what you have learned in this article at

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